Project Description


2018 – ONGOING

As a child on weekends my father would would drive us around with no specific destination in mind, the car was quiet. Countless hours were spent staring out the window of a moving car, occasionally stopping but only ever briefly. These moments were quiet and contemplative even as a young child, a time to drift outward and inward.

As an adult, I found myself unconsciously reenacting this childhood ritual. Gradually I began recording my experiences during these travels using slow shutter speeds, multiple and single exposures.

Travelling the open road evokes romantic ideals of freedom and possibilities in the unknown although my experience is more than this. It is a return to something familiar and remembered yet lost and mourned.

This series blurs the line between known and unknown, real and remembered, memory and myth, isolation and connection. It is a record of the physical act of travelling from one place to another and a psychological exploration of state of mind.